Affinity Networks Wants To Create A Network Of Social, Mobile Apps Around Niche Topics


Affinity Networks , a company incubated in LA’s accelerator Amplify , is debuting today as a network of mobile apps where users can connect and socially engage around niche topics (i.e. geeks, moms etc).

The company was co-founded by Jeff Solomon (who also runs Amplify along with Paul Bricault) and Charles Chase, who both previously founded Leads360 (now called Velocify) in 2004. Amplify has put $200,000 into Affinity, we’re told.

As Solomon explains, he sees Affinity has tying people together by their similar identities (I’m a “Geek”, “Mom”, “Entrepreneur”, “Musician”, “Christian”, etc.). The company has built a number of mobile communities using chat, featured content and other engagement tools. It’s simple in nature (and almost a little Ning-like in its ambitions) but engagement has been impressive.

Affinity has 6 owned apps (Geek, Mom, Bible, Recovery, Hunger Games Fans, Bitcoin). Across the apps, the company has seen 150,000-plus downloads, with 40,000…

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