Apple Design Award Winner Tapity Releases A “Flappy Bird” Clone


Everyone is building “Flappy Bird” clones now, even Apple Design Award-winning app developers like Tapity, apparently. The company, known as the makers of well-built and beautifully designed apps like Languages, Grades 3, and Hours, recently explained why they felt the need to throw their hat into the highly-pixelated ring, with this week’s launch of their latest app, “Buffalo Wings,” another contender for the throne abdicated by “Flappy Bird” creator Dong Nguyen.

In a blog post, Tapity founder Jeremy Olson offers a host of explanations for “Buffalo Wings,” including, well yeah, it might make them a little money thanks to its in-app ads. But Olson tells us that his main motivation at the time the project began was to fill the gaping hole that appeared in the “Flappy Bird” market when Nguyen first pulled his creation from the App Store.

Clearly, that hole has…

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