Blippar Introduces Image Recognition And AR Advertising On Google Glass


Blippar has come a long way in a short time, bringing lightning-fast image recognition and augmented reality to mobile advertising. But today, the company steps away from smartphones and puts on the wearables hat.

The company has implemented image recognition technology into Google Glass, in what Blippar claims is the first-ever image recognition tech on the platform.

CEO Ambarish Mitra showed off the app at MWC in Barcelona, displaying how Blippar on Google Glass can quickly recognize images, products, and even faces of people.

As it stands now, Blippar is a mobile application that allows users to explore interactive advertising through augmented reality and image recognition.

Users can scan a brand logo or the universal “Blipp” symbol, and unlock all kinds of interesting content from the brand. The service already has almost 5 million users worldwide, and more than 750 brands and publishers are on the platform. Blippar is currently…

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