Box brings former Symantec CEO aboard as advisor


Box is naming Enrique Salem, former CEO of Symantec(s symc), as a board advisor. The move, to be announced Tuesday, signals a couple of things. First, that data or file security — whatever you want to call it — is of paramount importance to the business accounts Box is wooing.

Second: Salem’s experience at Symantec, the big PC software security company, gives him the sorts of enterprise contacts that not only Box, but its rivals Dropbox, Accellion, Egnyte, ownCloud, you-name-the-vendor — would like to know a lot better.

In an recent interview about his appointment, Salem said Box, working with a slate of partners, has an opportunity to set a new standard around security.

“I’ve spent a lot of my career thinking about what matters [in security] and I think it starts with the notion of classification,” Salem said. After all, for most companies, there is data and then…

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