British spies recorded millions of webcam images off Yahoo video chat, report claims


Yahoo(s yhoo) video chat users will be disturbed to learn that the British signals intelligence agency GCHQ may have collected and stored images from their webcams. Yes, including the sexy stuff.

On Thursday, in the latest revelation to stem from the cache of NSA and GCHQ documents leaked by Edward Snowden, The Guardian described a GCHQ program called Optic Nerve. The scheme ran from 2008 to at least 2012 — the year from which the relevant internal GCHQ wiki page dates — and it was a matter of bulk collection, scooping up images from over 1.8 million Yahoo accounts around the world in one six-month period.

GCHQ has tapped much of the internet’s core infrastructure, and these images reportedly came from those cable taps. They were then sent to the NSA for indexing.

According to the piece, Yahoo is livid. The web firm told the newspaper that, assuming the report…

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