CloudSigma teams up with cloud brokerage CompatibleOne to give customers unified interface


CloudSigma , the Swiss infrastructure-as-a-service provider, runs its services out of three locations: Zurich, Las Vegas and Washington D.C. Until now, customers managing their cloud environments across multiple locations have had to use a separate user interface for each – but no longer.

On Thursday CloudSigma announced a partnership with cloud services brokerage CompatibleOne, that gives CloudSigma’s customers the unified user interface that some may need. What’s more, because of CompatibleOne’s business, that user interface can also be used to see servers in competitors’ environments as well, such as those of Rackspace(s rax), Amazon(s amzn) and Joyent.

“For our customers to be able to log in and easily monitor via a single platform a transparent, comprehensive view [of] all of their cloud servers, regardless of location or cloud provider, saves them time, resources and a ton of management headaches,” said CloudSigma CEO Robert Jenkins in a statement.

Paris-based CompatibleOne…

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