Cool People Play Their Music With An Electric Plasma Spark, Not A Normal Speaker


How do you listen to your music? Headphones you say? Sometimes on an Airplay or Bluetooth speaker? Oh. That’s pretty cool. I just listen to mine on plasma. Dancing electrical sparks that leap between two electrodes and produce a small amount of ozone. No big deal. Just, you know, how cool people do.

Actually that’s not how I listen to music, but it could be if I back the ARC Plasma Speaker on Kickstarter. The project hasn’t been live for 24 hours, and yet it managed to raise more than its $10,000 goal, and the amount keeps climbing. What it offers clearly appeals to a particular crowd, and that’s probably the group of people who like amazing science projects and DIY physics experiments, which should be everybody.

The ARC takes advantage of a property of an electrical arc, which can “ionize and compress the air around it to play…

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