Dash Restaurant Payments App Nabs $1.2 Million In Funding, Launches iOS 7 Update


Dash , the mobile payments service for bars and restaurants, has today secured a $1.2 million seed-2 round from Mike Germano, CEO of Carrot Creative, as well as existing investors like New York Angels, Caerus Ventures, and founder and CEO of the One Group, Jonathan Segal. Along with the funding, Dash is also announcing a revamped iOS 7 app which will offer a few extra features for forward-thinking restaurant-goers.

The update will integrate location-aware bluetooth to automatically check in users as they walk into a restaurant or bar. Plus, the iOS 7 version of the app offers users and bars a credit system, letting users pay from a credit tab and bar owners offer credit based around patronage and other factors.

The system works by integrating with existing POS systems, and allows groups of people to split up their tab with an itemized bill, unlike competitor Cover. This is…

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