Driving with Google Glass: Road hazard or a smooth ride?


With lawmakers considering regulations that could limit or even prohibit driving while wearing Google(s goog) Glass, Google is fighting back. The company is lobbying against such action in three U.S. states, Reuters reported on Tuesday, while eight states in total are considering regulations against Glass behind the wheel.

Driving with Glass 2

The report suggests that Google feels it’s premature to institute any laws against driving while wearing Google Glass because the final product isn’t yet available. Currently, those who want Google Glass must apply to be part of the Glass Explorer program — a beta group that pays $1,500 for Glass and provides feedback to Google on the experience. By wearing Glass in public, Explorers typically provide Google Glass demonstrations to the general public as well.

Is there an issue here?

As a Google Glass Explorer myself — one who often wears Glass while driving and has a number of vision challenges —…

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