ETA For iPhone Offers A Simpler Way To Get Driving Times & Directions To Your Favorite Places


Looking for a quicker way to find the drive time between two or more points, and optionally get directions? Google Maps may still be everyone’s go-to mapping application on mobile, but a new iPhone app called ETA is launching today to offer a simpler, faster and generally less cumbersome experience.

However, the app isn’t really competing directly with the mapping giants themselves. Instead, ETA is like an improved front end for finding drive times and kicking off the turn-by-turn navigation feature that the mapping companies provide.

The target audience for the ETA app are those in larger cities, where getting to various venues is often impeded by traffic congestion. ETA determines the travel time between your starting and end destinations, taking into account current traffic, and, with a tap, can provide you with quick access to directions, too.

ETATo get started with the app, you press the plus button…

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