Europe: We don’t know what 5G is yet, but we’re damn sure going to lead the way with it


European Union vice president and digital chief Neelie Kroes is in an unenviable position. She’s trying to convince all of Europe to invest in 5G, saying it will be a big creator of jobs, an innovation driver in other sectors like automotive and eHealth and a key component of her plan to unify European carriers under a single regulatory framework.

The problem is neither she nor anyone else can really say what 5G actually is.

At what was perhaps the oddest press conference at Mobile World Congress this year, the technology and research heads of Ericsson(s eric), Alcatel-Lucent(s alu), Orange(s oran) and Nokia’s(s nok) network group all took turns on stage Monday explaining how they couldn’t define 5G. It’s still a network without an identity, and what technologies would eventually come to be known as 5G was anyone’s guess.Hype exaggeration marketing

Then Kroes took the podium and proceeded to say…

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