Gaming Veterans Start Midverse To Bolster App Marketing, Engagement on Android


Riz Virk and Mitch Liu have been through pretty much every wave of the shift to free-to-play mobile and social gaming.

They had an early mobile gaming hit called Tap Fish (which even had its own silly moment on The Daily Show). They sold their company Gameview Studios to Japanese gaming giant DeNA. Virk was also an early investor in Tapjoy, which became one of the better-known players in app distribution.

Now they’re back at it again with Midverse Studios, a new company focused on acquiring and engaging users in Android apps. Virk calls this company the “next evolution” in app marketing and user retention.

What Midverse is doing is reminiscent of “offer walls” that were popular a couple years back on iOS where users would download apps in exchange for virtual currency.

But this is a more sophisticated solution.

In Midverse’s new network, Virk and Liu…

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