Gigaom Research webinar: comparing and contrasting MongoDB and Hadoop


Easily two of the most important breakthrough technologies in data processing and storage in the past decade are MongoDB and Hadoop. As a consequence there is an enormous amount written about them, much of it wrong.

In this Gigaom webinar, our panelists will discuss what MongoDB and Hadoop were designed for and where and how they work together. We will dispel many of the myths about these technologies and share best practices on how early adopters have deployed them.

Our panel will discuss these topics:

  • What are MongoDB and Hadoop?
  • What are the ideal use cases for MongoDB?
  • What are the ideal use cases for Hadoop?
  • How do these technologies work together and when should I choose one or the other?
  • What are some best practices for deploying these technologies in my enterprise?

Speakers include:

  • Paul Miller, founder, The Cloud of Data
  • Richard Winter, president, WinterCorp
  • David Loshin, principal consultant…

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