Hands On With The Xperia Z2, Sony’s Multimedia-Loving 4K-Shooting Flagship Phone


Sony’s new flagship Android, the Xperia Z2, risks being overshadowed here at MWC by Samsung’s latest electronic tub-thumper, the Galaxy S5. But not on the show floor at least — where a phalanx of Z2 are massed in Sony’s booth, ready for the masses to fondle.

Over the way at Samsung’s hall-sized stand there is no shortage of electronic trinkets for the hoards to eyeball — indeed, as per usual, the Samsung stand positively heaves with gizmos (and hoards). But its latest bauble is not there. The SGS5 is being displayed in a separate viewing area for media only. Sorry, suits.

It would certainly be a shame for the Xperia Z2 to be overshadowed by its big brash Android rival, for although elements of Sony’s hardware and software design continue to be a little fussy — and its Android skin still drags its feet at times (despite a beefy…

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