How mobile video startup Vuclip grew to 120 million monthly users


“What’s your iPhone strategy?” That’s one of the questions Vuclip CEO Nickhil Jakatdar frequently got asked when he was trying to raise money for his company over the years. His answer was that the company, which focuses on emerging markets like India, Malaysia and Indonesia, didn’t need one — and that didn’t always go over well with potential investors. “It was hard,” recalled Jakatdar.

At times, he felt as if he could build either a great-looking app that would appeal to VCs, or a great user experience for consumers on low-end phones connected to slow mobile networks. “It was almost like, choose one or another,” he said.

Vuclip launched in 2008 with a focus on bringing videos to mobile phone users in India, and Jakatdar quickly realized that there was a discrepancy between the way people think about mobile media in the U.S. and the way consumers would actually use…

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