How much would you pay for a modular smartphone? Google’s Project Ara aims for $50


So if you weren’t impressed by the phones that debuted this week at Mobile World Congress, there’s hope yet you might be happy. What if you could create your own smartphone instead of buying a cookie cutter model designed to sell to millions around the world? Your new phone would truly be your phone as you could pick different pieces, each with a function of your choice, and piece them together in a single handset. Google’s Project Ara is exactly that solution.

The effort was actually started by Motorola(s goog) and is similar to earlier projects started by Modu and Phonebloks. Google has agreed to sell Motorola to Lenovo for $2.91 billion but Project Ara is staying with Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group, also known as ATAP.

project ara modules

The Google ATAP team opened up to Time’s Harry McCracken this week, providing a closer look at the concept and suggesting…

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