If Dark Souls 2 Was a 1980s Cartoon, It’d Look Like This


Sometimes, when you’re really, really stumped for things to do, you journey deep within yourself to a quiet place, and in that quiet place, there’s a whispering voice, and sometimes that whispering voice says, “It’s time to make a 1980s-style cartoon intro sequence for Dark Souls II.” And sometimes you listen.

This fellow did, and the result (noticed by VG247) is weirdly gratifying: a little bit He-Man, a little bit rock and roll, a little bit “Hey, is that a fox fur collar?”

Apparently this isn’t the user’s first tango with From Software’s hack-and-slash magnum onerous as postmodern whatchamacallit. Click around and you’ll unearth gems like “Dark Souls: Average day in Anor Londo,” the “Dark Souls II Halloween Special” and “Dark Souls II: Executioners chariot 16 bit.”

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