iHeartRadio Taps BandPage To Give Artists Control Over Their Profile Info


iHeartRadio , the streaming radio product owned by Clear Channel, has today announced integration with BandPage to bring artist profile data to the service.

BandPage offers musicians and artists an easy way to create and sync profile websites, including widgets, to offer listeners access to bios, photos, tour dates, etc. BandPage currently has over 500,000 artists on the platform.

Before integrating with BandPage, iHeart used to pull from other metadata sources, which left artists with little to no control over what artist content was shown alongside their music. With BandPage, artists have total control over all their content, meaning they can push tour dates or include interesting profile information to increase listener loyalty.

iHeartRadio now has more than 243 million listeners, which is a new (and large) audience for BandPage. BandPage also powers Vevo and Xbox Music profiles.

iHeartRadio has made some big changes over the past year. Along with…

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