It’s Not Magic, It’s Talent And Sweat. Ha, If Only Silicon Valley Worked That Way


That HBO Silicon Valley show has a new trailer out, which you can watch above. (Or, go to YouTube and check it out there. I don’t care, either way.)

Anyway. This time we learn a little bit more about what’s happening with the group of nerds engineers in the show. For instance, we learn that what they’ve built is some sort of a compression engine or algorithm for sending content over the Internet.

“All those YouPorn ones and zeroes streaming directly to your shitty little smartphone, every dipshit who shits his pants every time he can’t get Skrillex in under 12 seconds — it’s not magic, it’s talent and sweat. That’s what the fuck we do,” says one character in the show.

Ok, then.

We also learn that venture capitalists are dicks. One offers $200,000 for 10 percent of this world-changing little startup company? Yeh, no thanks. We’ll hold…

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