Meet the chip powering Samsung’s Galaxy S5: Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 801


When Samsung’s Galaxy S5 goes on sale, customers will likely be impressed by the new features, improved speed and reduced software complexity. My colleague Alex Colon’s hands-on experience with the Galaxy S5 suggests Samsung improved it over the Galaxy S4 in just the right places. Quite a few of those improvements come from the silicon under the hood: Namely, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801.

A few recent phones and tablets use the Snapdragon 800 — Samsung’s newest tablets and Nokia’s(s nok) Lumia 1520, for example — so a jump up to the 801 can’t be that big of a deal, right? Actually, it’s more than you might think.


First there’s the expected jump in processing speed. Qualcomm(s qcom) says the new Krait 400 cores can run at up to 2.5 GHz. The company didn’t just focus on general computational speed though. Digital imaging processing is faster as well and likely…

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