One Week With Whistle’s New Activity Tracker For Dogs


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Considering we humans now have a slew of gadgets, apps and products at our disposal that allow us to track and monitor our health and daily activity, it was only a matter of time before our best friends got one of their own. Last summer, we introduced you to Whistle, a newly-launched startup on a mission to bring Fitbit-style activity trackers to the wagging tails of the canine community. (Cue chorus of approving barks.)

In the hopes of one day building the next, tech-savvy pet brand, Whistle began with an activity monitor, which allows dog owners to keep tabs on their pooches, and monitor the amount of exercise, play and rest they get on a daily basis. The $129 device attaches to your dog’s collar, collecting data on his or her activity over the course of the day via a three-axis accelerometer, which owners can then peruse…

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