Rumor: Brainwave-Sensing Startup InteraXon Was Approached By Google About An Acquisition


Toronto-based startup InteraXon, maker of the Muse brainwave-sensing headband, had a very interesting potential suitor, according to a source close to the startup speaking to TechCrunch. Specifically, Google came calling, but InteraXon isn’t necessarily interested in being acquired by the search giant, our source reports.

A recent profile of InteraXon from the Financial Post provides a potential reason the startup is shy when it comes to a Google exit: co-founder and CEO Ariel Garten told the paper that she was in it for the long haul, with the aim of building a $500 million business over a span of five years. The startup has $7.2 million in funding already, with a $6 million Series A round from Horizon, OMERS Ventures, A-Grade (yep, Ashton’s investment vehicle), Felicis and more, plus $1.2 million in earlier funds raised from ff Venture Capital and others. The startup also raised nearly $300,000 in…

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