The Xbox One To Get An Upgraded Twitch Integration On March 11


The Xbox One is about to get a lot more social thanks to a supercharged Twitch experience. A March 11 Twitch update will bring a slew of new features including the ability to live stream video games and join a broadcasters’ party. You know, in case you would rather watch someone play a video game instead of actually playing it yourself.

This feature set on-ups the PS4’s Twitch integration where players can only spectate other PS4 games. According to an AP report, Sony and not Twitch, designed the Twitch integrations for its system.

Twitch is growing like mad. The service, which is centered around streaming live videos of people playing video games, sees on average one million broadcasters and 45 million viewers per month.

The Xbox One build-out will likely improve those numbers, too.

“It’s complete integration,” said Emmett Shear told the AP, co-founder and CEO of Twitch. “It’s…

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