There’s a new, supposedly ergonomic 3D printing pen on the block


3D printing pens offer a quick, fun, no-experience-necessary entry into the world of 3D printing. But, so far, using them has been a pain. Literally. Testing the 3Doodler pen last year left my hand aching. It’s just difficult to pack that much hardware into a pen-like shape that fits comfortably in the human hand.

Texas 3D printer maker Dim3printing says that it has finally created an ergonomic alternative. The Dim3W, which will ship to distributors and resellers in March, appears to be slimmer in shape, which would be a relief compared to the chunky 3Doodler.

Dim3W 3D Printing PEN

It’s not yet clear where the extrude button is located. That was another major flaw of the 3Doodler, which had buttons located far too close to its tip. Dim3printing also states that the Dim3W does not have a cooling fan, which cuts out the worst of the noise a 3D printing pen can produce…

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