This Just-Published Dark Souls Insider Design Guide Looks Incredible


One of the things I appreciate about gaming from a hobbyist’s standpoint (and occasionally even as a collector’s sport) is that most of the products billed as “limited” aren’t. Not in the sense most mean when talking about the ridiculously small first-run printing of J.K. Rowling‘s Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, or my signed and numbered copy of Stephen King‘s The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass, of which specialty publisher Donald M. Grant printed just 1,250.

With games, by contrast, publishers slap the labels limited or collector on anything to jazz it up: you can’t buy some games without the label.

Search completed eBay auctions for “collector’s” or “limited” editions sorted by “video games” and you’ll find a landfill’s worth of products selling well below their original price tags. There’s a copy of the Final Fantasy XII steelbook edition that went for $13, a…

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