TiVo Inventors Are Back with Qplay, a New Way to Watch TV


An awful lot has changed about TV since TiVo ushered in the age of the DVR in 1999. Back then, watching television was something you did on a television, and you got your programming via cable, satellite or bunny ears. If you wondered what other people were watching, you asked them. (Probably in person.) And the only practical way to share a favorite show was to dub it onto a VHS tape.

Fast forward to 2012. That’s when TiVo’s founders Mike Ramsay and Jim Barton began working on a new idea together, one designed for the modern era of TV watching. It’s called Qplay, and they’re announcing it today. Ramsay recently gave me a sneak peek.

Like their previous collaboration, Qplay involves a box that plugs into a TV — a tiny $49 box this time, looking a bit like a skinny USB hard drive — and a service…

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