With Box, Yelp And Palantir On Board, Piazza Lands $8M From Khosla To Bring Recruiting To Its Social Q&A Platform For Students


As free online social tools now play a central role in how we communicate, interact and manage our interpersonal relationships, and as consumerization sweeps through IT and learning, the traditional boundaries between the tools we use to learn, for work and to socialize are becoming increasingly blurry. It’s only natural, then, that students have begun to use many of the same tools they’d otherwise use for purely social or professional purposes to exchange resources and ideas, brainstorm and ask questions of each other. Furthermore, social networking and communication tools have begun to proliferate through education and are even playing an increasingly prominent role in the classroom.

Piazza launched in early 2011 to capitalize on the socialization of learning and give students their own education-focused version of Quora — a platform dedicated to enabling students to share questions and answers with their classmates. Initially part wiki and part forum, Piazza allows…

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