With upset consumers, EU chatting about in-app purchases with Apple, Google and others


After four individual member countries raised concerns, the European Commission has decided to tackle consumer issues around freemium apps with in-app purchases. The EU has invited Apple(s aapl), Google(s goog) and others in the tech industry for a discussion on the subject as the free apps can appear to have hidden costs, Reuters reported on Thursday.


The Commission, which is the European Union’s executive body, is concerned because games labeled “free to download” often charge users to actually play. EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding noted a lack of honesty in this freemium approach, saying, “Misleading consumers is clearly the wrong business model and also goes against the spirit of EU rules on consumer protection.”

While the EU is collectively tacking this problem now for the interests of all its member countries, this isn’t a new phenomenon. Here in the U.S., for example, we went through a similar exercise about three years…

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