Juniper Networks WebApp Secure and SpotLight Secure

Laurence Autorino

Juniper Networks WebApp Secure

The innovative WebApp Secure is the first Web Intrusion Deception System that detects, tracks, profiles and prevents hackers in real-time. Traditional web application firewalls are seriously flawed because their reliance on a library of signatures to detect attacks and makes them susceptible to unknown (zero day) web attacks. WebApp Secure Software technology uses Intrusion Deception to address this problem. Unlike signature-based approaches WebApp Secure inserts random, variable detection points, or tar traps, into the code of outbound Web application traffic to proactively identify attackers before they can do damage – without false positives.

Key Features:

  • Tar Traps Detect and Slow Down Attackers: WebApp Secure detects attackers before the attack. By injecting hundreds of detection points into the code, the attackers own behavior identifies them as malicious, without false positives. The detection points create a very unreliable attack surface that the attacker cannot trust. If the attacker…

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