Get This Target Off Our Backs


What’s better than one day in Yermo, CA? TWO days in Yermo!
Our second night out Mr. T and I were kicking back on the bed with our laptops when the poodle felt nudged too much and bolted off the pillow. Unfortunately, he bolted right into my puter and broke the monitor–I heard it crack.

The dog lives but he will never know how close it was.

The next day was spent at a Best Buy in Victorville. There I discovered that in the last 3 years since I bought my Vaio the PC world has changed drastically. One can no longer put in a CD to add software and there’s this new hideous OS called ‘Windows 8’ which is diabolical.

I had no choice and we wanted to get on with our trip so we bought this Lenovo machine. Then we had to fork over more cash for a…

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