Google Compute Engine vs. Amazon Web Services

Lord of the Rant


I’ve been a customer of AWS for a long time. But I am also a great fan of Google and it’s products. I was among the first people who tried out Google App Engine(GAE) when it came. It’s another matter that GAE disappointed me with all the restrictions it places on the developers because the java applications are running in a sandbox sort of environment. That made me gravitate towards the EC2 instances of AWS. Even after so many years  and with so many competitors in the fray I can’t find a credible competitor to the value proposition of EC2 instances offered by AWS. I have evaluated Rackspace in the past. It is way too expensive than AWS. Just read about Google Compute Engine today and I promptly jumped in to evaluate it. Just to see what my most favorite company has to offer to me. Will it be good…

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