How to speed up your computer using Google Drive as extra RAM

Serious Severity

A friend sent me this and if you understand it, let me know because it’s too much for me. I don’t want you to explain it, just let me know if you get it…

RAM is expensive, and no one’s got time for that. This tutorial will show you how to use a free service, Google Drive, as extra RAM for your computer, freeing it up to run up to 32x faster (or 64x faster if you’re on a 64-bit station).

Before you begin, make sure your computer is in liquid crystal display and that you have the proper user access control for manipulating your processor’s database constructor. If you’re using a standardized copper bitflipper, you may need to also install the Google Drive WinAPI SDK to proc an instance of a PHP decoder for the software’s motherboard to cryptographically visualize.

When you’re ready to go, spin up a hybrid Heroku…

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