Joomla 3 Part A

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This is the 1st in a blog post series on Joomla 3 based on what I learn on the video training program by Addison-Wesley Professional. Joomla is a content management system and is more customizable than WordPress and easier to use than Drupal  which are also both CMS’s. The WordPress program started out as a blogging software and Joomla too has lots of blogging features. Joomla is free although you usually pay hosting fees. It’s based around a program called Mambo also a CMS although it has become much more popular. Version 3.0 is the latest version. They update it frequently. You also can use a FTP program to upload it but its not essential. You don’t need to understand HTML which you would if using Dreamweaver or WordPress. You use MySQL & PHP with Joomla. You have a front end or visitors site which is what visitors see. There…

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