Networking Notes for A Levels

One Rainy Day

Wao I take A levels Computing *fireworks* You sense the sarcasm there. (Yes haha one of the 70+ students in Singapore taking it I guess.) and well, I’m lazy to write down notes + I don’t want to print out the slides. Thus, here it is.

Sooooo since it’s the A levels… why not follow the syllabus?

2.2.1   Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN) and examples of   current technologies

Errrrr okay. Lack of information in the slides (like always)- I will add information from the slides, with some research online. (Edit: Ugh. The slides are so brief and you barely learn anything; Sometimes I wonder why I don’t just make notes from the internet instead – ah that’s what I’m doing now oops)

First, a definition of networking straight from the slides. (Or, you could google the sentence.)

Networking is the practice of linking two or more…

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