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Daily, digital entertainment devices such as TV, laptop, cellphone or any personal devices can help to chill you down from many problems in life from work to wife. Now have a look at devices you have in your house: TV, DVD player, set-top-box, game console, speakers, smartphones, tablet, laptop… wow quite a lot, and those are still not all of them. In order to make them in use, we need to ‘wire’ them physically. And with the revolution of ‘Internet of thing’, we have even more choices to connect devices e.g ethernet cable, wireless signal

Have you ever wondered how many types of cables you can use to wire your devices? Or how you can make your home entertainment devices ‘communicate’ over home network? Connecting your devices together doesn’t only mean make them in use, but also let them ‘communicate’ openly to share contents or easily switch transceivers in the…

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