It’s Time to get Internet Trolls Exposed


An Internet troll has no life of their own. They are people who usually suffer from an Internet addiction. They have no job. They spend all of their free time posting in online forums.

and they will accuse any outsider who comes as being a troll, but they are the real troll. A troll is someone who loves to waste other people’s time, and it over joys them to cause trouble for other people in any way they can. It thrills them to take good things away from other people.

nobody squeals louder than the trolls and websites I am going to expose for what they are! Just ask Regretsy, April Winchell, Lamebook, passive aggressive books, and the list goes on. And I will be correctly calling them out on it. Trolling and stalking behavior are rampant on those sites. The trolls are having a field day posting ads with…

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The Unsociable Network

everydayisacakeday's Blog

I came across a blog post today, that with satirical humour, single handedly condemned almost everyone that posts updates on Facebook. Apparently, said updates can be interpreted by the reader as being: Narcissistic, jealousy inducing, image crafting or a consequence of loneliness. It went on to suggest that the readers of your updates have no interest in your life, or the things that you post, and you should probably stop posting altogether.

I read it and thought;

“The sad thing is, This is probably true.”

The readers of my Facebook will know that I post quite frequently. I check in to different places, upload numerous pictures of my daughter, I note my passion for red wine – a lot, 😏 And just generally provide relatively inane information about my life on a regular basis.

So, Why?

Do I do this to be self important or because I wish to make…

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