Cisco Preshared Key recovery options

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The other day I had to copy the config of an ASA and a PIX to other devices. They both had VPNS to different sites and I had to have those keys as no one documented them.

A few different ways to get those keys are:


Option 1: Login using ASDM and make a full backup including preshared keys

Option 2: Run the cli command :

more system:running-config

Option 3: Copy running config to a TFTP/FTP server


The above options exist for the PIX as well. I have read that the more command will work , but it did not for me. Then I found this option to get the Keys on the pix:

Enable http server, create a username and go to https://pix-ip/config  the key is then shown in clear text.

Commands to do that:

config t

http server enable

http inside

username admin password…

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