Encapsulated Remote SPAN (ERSPAN)

Packet Corner

There are three types of Switch Port Analyser (SPAN) supported on Cisco routers and switches:

Local SPAN: Mirrors traffic from one or more interface on the switch to one or more interfaces on the same switch.

Remote SPAN (RSPAN): An extension of SPAN called remote SPAN or RSPAN which allows to capture traffic and send it to a remote switch via a Layer 2 network.

Encapsulated Remote SPAN (ERSPAN): as the name indicates, ERSPAN encapsulates capture traffic in GRE and allows it to be transported to a remote port across a Layer 3 network.

ERSPAN is a Cisco proprietary feature and is available only to Catalyst 6500, 7600, Nexus, and ASR 1000 platforms to date. The ASR 1000 supports ERSPAN source (monitoring) only on Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, and port-channel interfaces.

Firstly we will go through a typical scenario, in which traffic on port Gi1.23 of Router R2 is captured, and sent to…

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