NGFW and UTM, What is the difference?

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Over the last week or so I have been researching and trying to find the difference between NGFW (Next Generation Firewall) and UTM (Unified Threat Management). I came across some great blogs that helped me cut through the marketing hype.

In this blog the Author makes some great points that essentially argue that there is no difference. As I read through the comments on the blog, it was not so clear, as many argued that there is a big difference.

When I looked up the definition of NGFW and UTM in Wikipedia to get a baseline as to where I would end up on this argument, it solidified in my mind that these are in fact the same thing.

Gartner states an NGFW should provide:

  • Non-disruptive in-line bump-in-the-wire configuration
  • Standard first-generation firewall capabilities, e.g., network-address translation (NAT), stateful protocol inspection (SPI) and virtual private networking (VPN), etc.
  • Integrated signature based IPS…

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