Reinforce the Security of your Online Business With the Right Service

Intrusion Detection System | Real-Time Adaptive Security

As more and more information gets shared over the internet, the need arises to protect them from malpractices. Since most companies today have websites and communicate with their customers through emails, there is also a growing need to archive these emails. Therefore, today we need a whole gamut of technical services to implement data security and store all the communications safely.

Email archiving- safe way to store all emails

Most organizations today use email archiving service to collect and store all electronic communications in a safe repository. Cryoserver is one such service that has gained huge popularity in recent times due to its safety features.

Cryoserver is easy to use and implement in any business or public body. It not only helps in archiving the emails but also in retrieving important emails if the need arises. The fast search option makes it popular with most organizations. Cryoserver provides a range…

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Protection for your computers, networking equipment and mobiles!

Virtual CNS

Virtual CNS - LogoVirtual CNS offers a monthly program that is designed to help Small Businesses to improve the efficiency of computers and technology at the office, while maintaining low costs. Our program is available to small business with just one single PC, to a much larger office with many pieces of equipment. This service includes protection of all your technology such as computers, Networking equipment, and mobiles. Call Virtual 954-541-9754 today for a FREE network assessment of your individual needs. A proposal is prepared based on the network assessment and needs of your business.

Visit our website here…

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DDoS attacks cause an average jump of 36% in customer complaints

Advent IM

According to research commissioned by BT through Vanson Bourne, on average customer complaints to businesses increase by 36% in the aftermath of a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack.

It seems like a staggering uplift but when you consider that in the UK alone the same research revealed that almost 60% of businesses admitted DDoS attacks had bought down their systems for six hours or more…a whole working day, it becomes less staggering. Around half (49%) of UK organisations to not have a response plan in place, so in actual fact the damage from a DDoS attack could potentially continue for a considerable period after the event.Add to that the reputational damage and you can start to see why it is so vital for businesses to really get to grips with what they are dealing with.

So if a DDoS attack takes out a network or possibly a data centre…

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Bitcoin in MENA Market


Bitcoin in MENA Market

  • Financial Institutions in the MENA region remain skeptical about bitcoins, despite a slow but steady growth in bitcoin adoption.
  • Small groups and Entrepreneurs are developing platforms to promote the digital currency, which can address the long-standing problem of financial inclusion in the region.
  • Low credit card penetration and difficulty to acquire a credit card or a bank account in the MENA region will drive the demand for the Bitcoins in the region. However, cultural and technological challenges exist.

Bitcoin was created in 2009 by an unknown person, or group of people, using pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. It is a decentralized (digital) currency, without any authority, company, website or symbol.

Bitcoins are created by a slow and highly iterative computing process called ‘bitcoin mining’, enabling individuals or companies engage in this activity in exchange for transaction fees and newly created bitcoins. Besides mining, bitcoins can be obtained in exchange for fiat money…

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SecondMarket pivoted after Facebook’s IPO. Now, volume is higher than ever


Last night SecondMarket, the company behind the marketplace for trading shares of private companies, announced that its chief executive and founder, Barry Silbert, would step down to focus on all things bitcoin. If you’ve been following Silbert, that should be no surprise—the man has been a major Bitcoin enthusiast and investor in the sector, backing at least 30 companies in recent years. He’ll now head up SecondMarket’s bitcoin business full-time and serve as chairman of SecondMarket Holdings, the parent company to both businesses.

But where does that leave the company? In 2011, SecondMarket was heralded as the latest innovation in employee retention and investment democracy. (Now, anyone can buy pre-IPO Facebook!) SecondMarket even raised $34.2 million in venture funding itself from Social+Capital Partnership, FirstMark Capital and Temasek Holdings.

But then pre-IPO Facebook [fortune-stock symbol=”FB”] share sales descended into utter chaos. As I wrote in Monday’s column, startup CEOs…

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