Internal VLANs

CCIE #49534

All of us or most of us are aware of the famous VLAN types, the Standard and Extended VLAN’s, which to some extent makes sense. The Standard VLAN’s have a range starting from 1 up to 1005 including the last four VLAN’s in the same range for legacy technologies/protocols.

In the other side the Extended range of VLAN’s start from 1006 up to 4094 and not all the time or not everywhere you can use them, this comes with some limitations. For example trying to assign a VLAN number between 1006-4094 in a Layer 2 switchport would most of the time not be allowed, especially in older Cisco Catalyst switches. Anyway to be able to use the Extended VLAN’s one of the solutions is to have the Switch running VTP version 3, and another solution is to use VTP version 2 but the Catalyst switch must be running in VTP…

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