Cisco DCUCI Exam Review (642-999)


Below is the list of topics covered in the DCUCI exam from Cisco.  The official document is at the bottom of this post.  I will be periodically updating this document with notes for taking the exam.

1.0 Implement C-Series Standalone (9%)
1.1 Implement UCS C-Series rack servers
1.2 Implement firmware updates
1.3 Configure CIMC
1.4 Configure network and storage connectivity
1.5 Provision hard drives
1.6 Install ESXI on local hard drives
1.7 Configure logging and monitoring the methods for Cisco UCS

2.0 Configure Cisco UCS B-Series Connectivity (35%)
2.1 Configure B-Series overall connectivity
2.2 Implement UCS B-Series component installation
2.3 Configure B-Series LAN connectivity
2.4 Configure B-Series SAN connectivity

3.0 Manage Cisco UCS B-Series (18%)
3.1 Implement security in a Cisco UCS
3.2 Identify the steps necessary to manage software and firmware versions and upgrades in a Cisco UCS
3.3 Implement backup and import for Cisco UCS database
3.4 Configure…

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