Cisco VCS x8.2 is out…

Widmans field notes!

This one slipped under the radar. Maybe it´s a sign that one should take a vacation.

Anyway, after a quick read through of the release notes I think that the biggest news is the fact that Cisco has “repaired” the biggest fault with x8.1.x. which is the ability to set the RTP and RTCP media demultiplexing ports.

This is great news for networks containing multiple VCS:s in Traversal Zones where it might not be possible to upgrade all at once. For instance service providers.

Another thing that is great is TURN media over TCP which will help out in environments where UDP connections aren´t possible.

Other improvements are Jabber Guest support, External XMPP Federation etc. You can read more in the release notes.

Download software and release notes here

Remember that you need a release key if you are upgrading from x7.x or earlier. As always, read the upgrade documentation…

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