Network Address Translation


Network Address Translation (NAT) is like a person who translate native language to foreign language or vice-versa. So, NAT translates the Private IPv4 (RFC 1918) Address of an Internal Network into Public IPv4 Address which is registered and permitted to route into the Internet.

Note: Internet is the biggest WAN network in the world today.

Different types of NAT implementation:

Static NAT
Static NAT is one-to-one. When you say one-to-one, you need to have one Private IP Address which is mapped to one Public IP Address that is being route into the Internet. The Public IP Address is only dedicated to a single Private IP Address. This type of NAT is commonly used for Mail or Web Server Farm where high load of traffic is being process.

Dynamic NAT
This is another way to implement NAT which is function similar to Static NAT which is one-to-one but Dynamic NAT has…

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