The showdown of integrated systems, with VCE in the lead

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VCE leads by miles, actually. Integrated systems came in to prominence very recently as enterprises realized the enormous benefit of bringing together purpose-built systems – integrating compute, storage and networks with a management layer on top – which are aiding in performance assurance, availability and redundancy for critical workloads while cutting down the costs.
The newly-announced Gartner Magic Quadrant for Integrated Systems reveals nothing strikingly new; its predominantly the well established players who are highlighted. What’s new though is: the emergence of ‘fabric based computers’, as Gartner calls them, where in the three core components are merged for seamless experience.
VCE has certainly the potential to lead & grow, with all three major vendors who developed this cooperative (VMware, Cisco & EMC) have global footprints that lead to more up-sell opportunities. Not only it has the first entrant advantage, VCE is also adept at creating varying configurations for varying workload…

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