Upgrade wifi Autonomous IOS to Controller base IOS

Mesbah’s Attempt at Blogging

Convert your AIR-AP1262N-A-K9  AP from autonomous IOS to light weight


Plug the AP up to the network and get an IP via DHCP.

>> If you want to set statically, you can do the following:

*   Config terminal

*   Interface bvi1

*   Ip address <IP> <Subnet Mask>

*   Ip default-gateway <IP>

Once it has an address, verify Layer 3 connectivity to the TFTP server using “ping”

2.  Now issue the following command:

Archive download-sw /force /overwrite tftp://<TFTP server IP>/<Image Name>.tar “

At this point the AP will download the image and reboot as Lightweight.

  • Here bellow a link about upgrading AP from autonomous IOS to lightweight for your reference:


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