Computers Don’t Think Like Humans

The Synthesis of Genius

After looking online at some of the AI posts on LinkedIn, I saw a particularly interesting comment on “One Reason Why Computers Don’t Think Like Humans.” 

I was thinking about the idea that computers have no true interest or desire to “reproduce” or carry out life needs. It got me thinking about consciousness…and so I came up with a few questions.

What is consciousness really based off of?

Immediately, the first thought that goes through my head is about intelligence and recognition of self. I am conscious because I am intelligent enough to recognize it or “I think, therefore I am.” But is this a correct interpretation of consciousness? Is consciousness awareness? I’ve read several psychology books and sociology books that attribute consciousness to something like being awake, having mental flow, being social, individual, collective, etc. These all seem lack-luster. They just don’t seem to hit the spot. Clearly they…

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