Series 1: Idea Sex and Some Thoughts on It Part 1

The Synthesis of Genius

If you’ve ever listened to James Altucher (or read the transcripts), I’d highly recommend it not just for personal growth etc, but because some of the ideas have a certain passive effect of generating new ideas.

His most recent, found at Strasnberry Radio, discusses the concept of idea sex and the generation of better ideas from that. I think it holds some strong merit for computer science esp. AI despite being a relatively old idea (see When Ideas Have Sex and some books on the topic). 

Now I’m sure the industry probably practices these techniques daily in trying to make more effective AI, but I’m going to elaborate on the interest I’ve found.

Idea Sex

As a concept, it means that ideas, when combined, produce a better and more imaginative result than the previous one. The new idea will ultimately have a compounding effect like piggy-backing to be more efficient…

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