Digital artworks by Informatics artist-in-residence, Paul Brown exhibited in London…

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Paul Brown, honorary visiting professor and artist-in-residence in the department of Informatics at the University of Sussex is showing his work in two major London exhibitions this summer.

Paul, who has an international reputation for his pioneering work in the computer arts, has artwork in both Digital Revolution at the Barbican Centre from 3 July to 14 September 2014 and also in Automatic Art which ran at the GV Gallery from 4 to 26 July.

Builder-Eater-Print Builder/Eater screen shot

The piece Paul is showing in Digital Revolution is called Builder/Eater and it is a reconstruction of a work first created in 1977.  The original ran on a Data General Nova 2 – a refrigerator-size minicomputer with 16KB of memory – and was coded entirely in Assembler language.  The reconstruction runs on a matchbox-size Raspberry Pi.  Coincidentally 1977 was also the year that Paul’s youngest son Daniel was born.  Now he’s also…

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