Game Theory 3 – Applied Uses

Verba Volant, Scripta Manent

Part 3. Applied Uses – Various Applications of the Game Theory

When I introduced the history of the Game Theory at the previous post, you might realize that there are many applications of the game theory. Since 1950s, the game theory used various kinds of academic studies. In 1970s, the game theory finally applied in biology, so the game theory could be one of the most important foundational knowledge in university educations.


As I mentioned above of this post, the game theory was applied to biology in 1970s. The game theory used in biology to understand different kinds of models and phenomena. The first application of the game theory in biology was to explain 1:1 sex ratios. Through this application, the result of 1:1 sex ratios showed maximizing the number of grandchildren. Biologists have been used the game theory to explain their models, phenomena, and theories rather than to…

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